My favorite local foods

Curry Rice
What type of curry rice do you like?
I like very hot and spicy one. I'm interested in trying a very, very hot curry in restaurants.
Although I sweat a lot, I feel so good.
But one time, the curry which I oredered was too hot for me to eat half as much.

What type of topping do you like?
I like a fried pork.Fried pork and curry are very good collaboration!

Sometimes I cook curry by myself in my home.
It is easy by using commercially available curry roux.
But I always have to eat the curry for a few days because of cooking too much curry.
I like ramen.
I like to try various types of ramen at various ramen shops.

How situation do you eat a ramen?
After drinking, sometimes I go to a ramen restaurant.
Then I feel more dericious.

Sometimes I cook an instant ramen by myself.
Then I put in an egg and been sprouts becouse of changing more helthy food.
What kinds of cheese?
Especially I like Blue cheese.
In our community, cheese is a little expensive.So we can not eat blue cheese a lot.

When we went skiing, we rested in a small hut on the mountainside.
Then we had cheese fondue with beer.
The mountain hut was warm with the fireplace, and the coziness was very good.
It is one of very good memories for me.
Steak & Yakiniku
I like steak.
Sometimes I go to a casual steak restraunt and order one pond or more steak with beer.
Beef steak is very dericous!

About once every few months, I will go to a yakiniku restaurant.
At that time, first I will order Calbi, Beef Tongue, Kimchi, Hormone, and Beer.
Yakiniku is dericious. It is very fun to eat yakiniku with a lot of friends.
I often go conveyor belt sushi restaurants. I am satisfied with this sushi sufficiently.
Sometimes I visite classical style sushi restaurant too.
I feel so good for both different style restaurants.

I like wasabi. Definitly I need a lot of wasabi with sushi.
And it is important to soysource taste too in the restaurant.