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Personal Resume



Name : Iwaken
Age : Not young
Education : College_University
Occupation : Student

Interest : Trying on various subjects
Dream.1 : Keeping a student throughout my life
Dream.2 : Studying around the world

Sports : Playing and watching Baseball
Winter sports : Skiing
All seasons sports : Swimming in indoor pools
Exercises : Push-ups_Sit-ups_Stretching

Foods : Most of the meats,fish,vegetables and fruits
Drinks : Coffee
Alcohol : Especially Beer
Appitizers : Chicken wings_Blue Cheese_Edamame
Cafe & Bar: Having some favorite places
Sushi restaurants : often
Chinese restaurants : sometimes
Curry Restaurants : sometimes

Reading : Mystery around the world
Reading speed : Quick
Reading policy : Reading one book at a time as much as poosible
Reading places : Cafe shops_Trains_Airplanes
Library : Sometimes

Driving : Driving a long distance everyday
Trips : A few times a year
Hot springs : Often
Massage : Sometimes
Hotels : Less than $100
Shopping : Not particulaly like

Intoroduce.Ⅱ_Favorite things in each season

Drinking beer under cherry blossom
Welcome party
Joinning a spring conference
Waching fire works
Drinking beer on a classic boat
Swimming in the sea and rivers
Playing a soft ball and volleyball
Joinning various drinking parties
Joinning a fall conference
Year-end party
Christmas party
New year's days
New Year's party
Hot springs in snowing
Farewell party
All seasons
Studying_Drinking beer and coffee_Hot springs

by Iwaken